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Wholesale Hotel Bed Linen

UD. Akam, wholesale hotel bed linen sells bed linen which is the base to cover the mattress which has the function to provide a more comfortable and restful sleep. The types of sheets are also varied, a wide selection of material materials, colors, and motifs can be chosen according to your wishes and tastes. The need for bed linen products certainly not only for personal use, but also much needed to complete the needs of business facilities such as hotels, hospitals, lodging etc. In choosing bed linen used as part of business facilities such as hotel bed linen, of course, it must be chosen properly and correctly.

Bed linen is generally made of CVC (50% polyester: 50% cotton), cotton (100% cotton) and dobby cotton. Details of the bed linen are:
- CVC material
  Is a mixture of cotton with polyester and ordinary used for hospital bed sheets or for hotel class bed linen jasmine. Has several advantages, among others in terms of price Ekonimis compared to full cotton (100% cotton).
- Dobby ingredients
  This type of cotton contains satin like Japanese satin so it looks sparkling and luxurious. Dobby type material generally patterned stripes or boxes and commonly used as star-rated hotel bed linen.
- Cotton material
  This type of fabric has a soft and easy fabric texture absorb sweat so it doesn't heat when used.

Wholesale Cheap Quality Hotel Bed Linen

The bed linen in the hotel has a function not only to provide comfort when sleeping, but also to beautify the hotel bedroom so as to make visitors who stay at the hotel comfortable and satisfied with the facilities and services provided. Generally the hotel bed linen used are white because they can give a cool and elegant impression. We, Wholesale Bed Linen Hotel can receive requests for hotel bed linen needs of various types of materials in large quantities.

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