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Towel Face Ornament
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06 Jan 2020
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Towel Face Ornament 

Towels are better known to be used to dry the body after bathing. But there is actually a face towel, serves to dry your face after washing your face or doing facial treatments that use water. Facial towel is different from the towel for the body in general, because the skin of the body and face of course require different treatment. Towel ornament has a face towel with a comfortable material used for faces made of quality materials. Gentle material will not scratch facial skin when used.

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Towel Ornament products besides tebuat of quality materials, soft fiber, safe to use for facial types of acne or dry face. Has tidiness that makes the user sutures will not be hurt by the seams that are not neat. It has a variety of sizes, easy to absorb water, made of high quality cotton, with 380 gr / m² gramasi is perfect for souvenirs, embroidery, corporate promotional needs, daily activities with many color choices. The advantages of this product is 100% cotton material, can choose the preferred color.

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