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Chalmer Baby Towel Printing
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27 Mar 2020
3 pcs

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Sell ​​Chalmer Towel

UD AKAM is a company that sells various types of quality towel brands in Jakarta. One of the towels that we sell is chlamer towel This towel is a baby towel made of fine cotton and printed with attractive patterns for babies / children. It is suitable for children's birthday souvenirs, embroidery, and your daily needs. This product has many motifs with printing that are always changing. For info on the latest designs of this product, please contact us.

In addition to chalmer towel brands, we also sell terry palmer, mutia, ornament and towel types for beach, kimono and embroidered towels. This embroidered towel is suitable for souvenirs and also suitable for sports organizations that can be adjusted to your liking. Beach towels can also be custome, kimono towels for both children and adults.

Jakarta Towel Supplier
Many motifs and types of towels for personal use and also for hotel use, because UD Akam is a towel supplier in Jakarta with guaranteed quality and prices that are in accordance with the customer. Towels also vary in size from small towels to pockets to large sizes.

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