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Red and White Towel Selling Center in Jakarta. UD Akam is a supplier that sells Red and White towels of various types and sizes. There are various kinds of towels ranging from children's towels, baby towels, adult towels, face towels, beach towels, hotel towels, souvenir towels and others.
We sell Red and White towels of various types and sizes. Red and white towels are made of quality materials & soft fiber, namely 100% cotton. Towels are highly absorbent and soft against the skin. Towels If you need a red and white brand towel of any type & regardless of size, you can find it at our place. For the quality of towels, there is no need to doubt because we provide the best towel products. For detailed information on both prices and specifications of the Red and White towels we have, please contact We are ready to accept orders in large quantities.
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