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Staying at a hotel is already a necessity for almost everyone, such as those who are on vacation, traveling, study tours, tours, out of office services and others. Daily activities such as sleeping, bathing to eat and drink are also carried out in the hotel room. In supporting these activities, the hotel management has certainly provided the equipment and equipment needed in a hotel room or commonly referred to as hotel amenities. One of the hotel amenities is a hotel towel. Not all hotel towels are used to dry the body after bathing. As in luxury hotels, which usually provides various types of hotel towels that have different functions. UD. Akam, supplier and distributor of the most complete and quality hotel towels, selling hotel towels with various types. We sell hotel towels which is one type of amenities as supporting equipment that is in the hotel room. Get the needs of hotel towels as a completeness of your hotel amenities with competitive hotel towel prices.