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Towel Distributor Jakarta

UD. Akam, is the most complete distributor and supplier of hotels in Jakarta that sell towels of various types of materials, sizes, motifs and brands. We are Jakarta Towel Distributor which sells various kinds of towels which are our daily needs to wash our bodies when we finish bathing. As a Towel Wholesale Center & Towel Distributor in Jakarta, we always present the best high quality products from us for customer satisfaction. Whatever type of towel you need, everything we have. Starting from baby towels, adult towels, hotel towels, beach towels and other types of towels. Towel Distributor Jakarta, selling towels of various types including:
- Terry Palmer towel
- Chalmer towel
- Red and White Towel
- Hotel towels
- Magnolia towel
- Towel Ornament
- Mutia Towel
- Embroidered Towel
- Beach Towel

We are ready to accept orders in large quantities.